Mysslä´s Askungen


At the unofficial exhibition in Hässleholm my new bitch Mysslä's Askungen (Phalene) became 1st Bir puppy (4-6 months).


In Hilleröd, Denmark, Alex' Most Wanted became ex 4th without CK and Sjuströmmars Beauty and the Beast became Very Good.


In Eslöv became Alex' Most Wanted 1st CK.


In Tågarp became Alex Most Wanted ex 1st CK cert Bim junior bitch.

Sjuströmmars Beauty and the Beast


Exhibition on Gotland. Alex' Most Wanted became on August 29 ex 2nd and on August 30 1st CK R-cest.
For Sjuströmmars Beauty and the Beast were the result on the 29th 1st CK cert Bir male and on the 30th 1st CK cert Swedish champion cacib bir male. Congratulations Rebecca!


3 exhibitiondays in Denamrk with Alex' Most Wanted:
June 14 in Ronne with the result ex 3rd.
Both June 15 and 16 in Bornholm with the result Very Good.


3 days exhibition in Borås: Alex' Most Wanted became on June 26 3rd bitchpuppy and on June 27 1hp Bim-puppy. Last day, on June 28, she became 2nd hp and Sjuströmmars Beauty and the Beast became 4th without CK.


Alex' Most Wanted became 1hp bir puppy on June 6 at the unofficial exhibition in Trelleborg. Also Sjuströmmars Beauty and the Beast became 1hp bir male.


Alex' Most Wanted were at SSK Hässleholm and became 2nd hp. Also Sjuströmmars Beauty and the Beast joined and became 1st with CK.


On May 16 Alex' Moste Wanted became hp best puppy at the exhibition SDHK in Hässleholm.


Alex' Most Wanted became on May 3 BT 11 bir puppy and Bigg 3 at the unofficial exhibition in Örkelljunga.


At the unofficial exhibition on May 1 at Osby Brukshundsklubb Alex' Most Wanted became BT 1 Bim-puppy, and on May 2 at the unofficial exhibition at Bjuv Brukshundsklubb he became BT 1 Bir-puppy.


At the exhibition on Gotland on August 30 Sjuströmmars Beauty and the Beast came 3rd with CK and R-cacib. And on August 31 he became 2nd best male with CK cert and R-cacib.


At the exhibition in Växjö became Rebecca's "Boss" (Beauty and the Beast) BIR puppet.


Lady Lizzette became 3rd best female with R-cert in Hässleholm. Thanks Rebecca!
Sjuströmmars Tinkerbell became 2nd best female with cert and became Swedish and Danish champion. Congratulation Inger!


Today April 7 Haremet´s Irish Coffee "Wilma" and Mysslä´s Philippe Oórléans "Pysen" got 4 puppets: 3 males and 1 female.


In Malmö became Lady Lizzette 3:rd best female with cert. Thanks Rebecca for the help!


Ninnie became on Gotland best female with cert and bir on the Saturday.
On the Sunday Wilma became 2nd best female with cacib. Zallie got 1st place with cert and bir female. Congratulations Annelie!


Wilma became best female and got cacib bir female in Askersund. She also became international champion. Hurray hurray!


In Tvååker Haremet's Irish Coffee (Wilma) got R-cacib and came 2nd for best female.

2012-06-30 - 2012-07-01

30 June 30 in Borås Haremet´s Menuett became 2nd best female with R-Cert and the day after Haremet´s Menuett got excellent.
Mysslä's Lady Lizzette became both days "very good".


June 10 in Vänesborg Haremet´s Menuett "Ninnie" got her first cert and became bim female. Sjuströmmars A Night of Passion "Zallie" came 3rd best female.
Mysslä's Lady Lizzette got Vänesborg excellent and came 3rd.


At the exhibition in Malmö Lady Lizette got excellet and ck and came 2:nd in junior class.
Menette came 2:nd with hp in puppet class.
And Sjuströmmars A Night of Passion became bir puppet and congratulation to Annelie!
Congratulation also to Inger and her dogs!


Mysslä´s Lady Lizzette and Haremet´s Menuett were on exhibition at Qupoolen. Also Sjuströmmars A Night of Passion were there and became BIM puppet. Congratulations Annelie!


Sjuströmmars Tinkerbell took cert and became 4th best female on Öland. Congratulations Inger!


Sjuströmmars Tinkerbell took a cert and became bir female on Gotland on August 28th. August 29th she got exellent.

Haremet's Dream Catcher becamev champion, cacib and bim male on Gotland on August 28th and he became on August 29th bir male with cacib, also on Gotland. Congratulations to both Susanne and Inger!


Welcome to this female, who soon will come to my kennel.
Thank you Inger at Haremets kennel for this lovely female!


Congratulations Inger and her female Lina, who became champion and bir female in Borås!
congratulations also to Susanne and the male Norton, who took his second cert and came third best male!


Wilma got 5 puppies: three males and two females.

The 3 males and 2 females of Wilma. Here they are 5 weeks old.


Congratulations to Sjuströmmars Snowman (Bubben) / Helena Andersson for its BIR puppy in Vänersborg!

In the picture are also Inger and daddy Joy. Congratulations!


In Hässleholm Sjuströmmars Peggy Sue became Swedish champion.


In Växjö Pooh became BIR puppy, Wilma came 4:th place as best female and Peggy Sue took CACIB cert and became BIM female.


In Kallinge became Wilma best female with BIM and Pooh became in his first excibition 2:na best male puppy with Hp.


Haremet's Irish Coffee Wilma became 2:nd best female with R-cacib in Sofiero and Sjuströmmar's Peggy Sue "Sassy" became 2:nd in her class.


On Gotland Haremet's Irish coffee got CACIB BIM female and Golden Leafe's Neela got a R-Cacib. Congratulations Inger!


On Gotland Sjuströmmar's Peggy Sue became Bim female and got a cert. Congratulations Anneli! /Maria

Golden Leafe's Neela got a cert and became champion and BIR female. Congratulations Inger!


Today Haremet's Betty Boop (Betty) moved to Kimberbell´s kennel in Norway and Sjuströmmar's Sleeping Beauty moved to Mirramiss kennel in Norge.


Today Haremet's Betty Boop (Betty) got three males and three females. Blicci's Energetic is the father.


Haremet's Irish Coffee (Wilma) came 6th place on the top-ten list 2009 of best Phaléne females.


Wilma got a cert, CACIB and became BIM in Rockstock, Tyskland.
And congrats to Inger whos dog Joy got a cert and CACIB and became BIR!


On the unofficial exhibistion in Kallinge Haremets Youtube became BIM-valp. Sjuströmmars Peggy Sue became BIR-valp and also took 2:nd place in BISS. Congratulations to Rebecca and Anneli! Congrats also to Inger with Joy and Mio for their winnings!


On the exhibition in Eket Sjuströmmars Peggy Sue "Sassy" got her "BIR-valp". On the same exhibition Haremet´s Youtube got the "bim" and the male Tintin his "BIR-valp".

Congrats Inger and Tin Tin
Congrats Rebecca and Haremets Youtube!
Congrats Annelie and Peggy Sue!


Haremet's Irish Coffee (Wilma) took a CACIB in Denmark and became BIM. And congratulation to Inger, whos Joy became BIR also in Denmark.

Congrats Inger whos phalene male
"Mio" took a certificate and
became BIM 4th July on Gotland.

2009-07-04 and 2009-07-05

Haremet´s Irish Coffee (Wilma) became BIR on Gotland both 4th and 5th July.

Haremet's Irish Coffee (Wilma)


Haremet´s Irish Coffee (Wilma) blev svensk utställningschampion och dansutställningschampion i Borås.
Grattis till Inger, vars hane Joy blev BIR och tik Neala fick sitt första cert, också i Borås!


Haremet´s Irish Coffee (Wilma) got a certificate in Denmark.


Haremet´s Betty Boop came 4th place and Haremet's Irish Coffee (Wilma) came 5th place on the top-ten list 2008 of best Phaléne females.


In Örkelljunga Haremet's Betty Boop (Betty) got 1:st place and became BOS.


In Sofiero Haremet's Betty Boop (Betty) got 2:nd place and Int. Reserve CC (reserv-CACIB).


Haremet's Betty Boop (Betty) got 1:st place and became BOS in Öland.


Haremet's Betty Boop (Betty) got International Certificate (CACIB) and became BOS in Visby.


Haremet's Irish Coffee (Wilma) got a Swedish certificate and became BOS in Visby.


Haremet's Betty Boop (Betty) became champion in Ronneby.


Haremet's Irish Coffee (Wilma) got a Swedish certificate and became BOS in Borås.


Haremet's Betty Boop (Betty) became Danish champion in Hillerød.


Haremet's Tia Maria (Tia) got four puppets: three males and one female.


Haremet's Betty Boop (Betty) took a Danish cert in Næstved on March 23rd and also became BOS.


Haremet´s Betty Boop came 7nd place on the top-ten list 2007 of best Phaléne females.